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Our Work


DeLa Entertainment is a minority-owned creative team who writes, develops and sells original content for film, television, streaming and music production, for all genres, specializing in thrillers.


Screenplays: Our material is production-ready, from script to budget and marketing, including IP rights.


Script Development: Our professional screenplay writers are available for brainstorming a concept, script development, treatment, logline, synopsis, and outline.

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Screen Writing

Dela Entertainment creates innovative and original screenplays for investors and consumption.

Music Equipment

Music Production

With partners who are the best in the industry Dela Entertainment provides music production.

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In addition to selling our screenplays, from project-to-project we seek funding for production costs, allowing the creation of our screenplays to go from page to screen.

Our team




I am a writer, producer, and actor. My writing consists of all genres: thriller, drama, action, horror, comedy, etc. My extensive background in criminal justice and investigative research, through Ventura College, Criminal Justice Department, Civil Harassment Mediation and Dispute Resolution, in addition to playing professional basketball internationally in Beijing, China and later receiving  a certification through Sports Management Worldwide studying under NFL Agent Lynn Lashbrook, molded my creativity.


Professional Basketball Player

International Basketball Travel Team

Beijing City, China



Sports Management Worldwide; Portland, Oregon

Athlete Management

Training included: agent regulations & player association legalities,

Contract negotiations, endorsements, sponsorships, ethics,

Collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, 

Marketing and recruiting. Mentored by NFL Agent, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President


Civil Harassment Mediation Training


Criminal Justice Department, Arrest, Search and Seizure 832(a) PC


Ventura College, Criminal Justice Department


California Dispute Resolution Program Mediation Training Certificate

Small Claims Court, Civil Harassment, including Civil limited and unlimited.

Drew Delaine
Jennier Dela

jennifer delaine

CoFounder and Operations Director who oversees the day-to-day operations with 37-years in the legal field.

Yvonne Delaine

yvonne delaIne

Funding Specialist who works with individuals and entities to determine funding from project to project and how best to secure funding.


julian reaves

Music development, content, arrangement and production: streaming, film, television and video.

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