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In the heart of the deep south, a black female journalist stumbles upon a sinister secret—a Nazi doctor's virus designed to target only black people. Racing against time, she must unveil the truth and stop the deadly release before it's too late.

Book of Hymns 10


The story opens in 1959 New Haven, South Carolina, with a panic-stricken African American man, blood streaming from his eyes and mouth, desperately seeking help. Fast forward to the present day, where we meet Cynthia Martin, a 30-year-old African American investigative journalist from California. She’s in New Haven to cover the racially charged atmosphere of a union protest.

While there, Cynthia meets a homeless man named Ronny who tells her the real story of the town is Dr. Brenner. Intrigued, she seeks information on Dr. Brenner but is stone-walled by the townspeople. Nonetheless, Cynthia discovers an old photograph of Dr. Brenner, along with an associate named Homer Beal. She locates the elderly Homer, but before she can interview him, he dies in a suspicious house fire.

Knowing she has truly stumbled on a real story; Cynthia finds herself a victim of violent intimidation and the town’s police officers prove to be no help. Refusing to give into the intimidation, Cynthia forms an alliance with Paul, the black owner of the historic general store who frequently faces racial discrimination. 

Cynthia’s investigation takes her to an old, abandoned hospital where Dr. Brenner worked. There, she discovers a hymnal book filled with the names of prominent African American leaders in South Carolina from the 1950s. She uncovers lab reports showing these same leaders all dying from a mysterious virus that only infected black people, and to her shock, she also finds information detailing Dr. Brenner's origin as a Nazi physician and virologist, and the one who developed the virus. He also developed the vaccine, the recipients of which receive a tattoo on their wrist.

As several people she talks to die under mysterious circumstances, Cynthia makes a horrifying discovery – the last living relative of Dr. Brenner is continuing his work with plans on releasing the virus soon nationwide. With the nefarious powers that be closing in, Cynthia and Paul steal the virus and vaccine and attempt to escape the town before time runs out on them.
"Book of Hymns" stands as a riveting tale of conspiracy and resilience, masterfully blending historical context with contemporary struggles. Cynthia and Paul's journey becomes a testament to the enduring fight against systemic racism, which will leave viewers clamoring for truth and justice.

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