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When a picture-perfect couple’s ideal wedding anniversary ends in tragedy, a heartbroken wife investigates the murder of her husband, where she discovers a cover up of unimaginable and disturbing proportions.

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A fashion designer's picture-perfect wedding anniversary ends in murder as she seeks out her husband's killerthe killer. A thumb drive with sensitive contents is the only thing that stands between her, underworld assassins, and a corrupt FBI agent seeking to obtain it.

Alexis Hall, a fashion designer, accepts an offer from business entrepreneur, Elaina Rodriguez, for runway shows. The next night Alexis and her husband Darius, a prominent hedge fund executive, celebrate their wedding anniversary at an amusement park. Upon leaving the park, a car pulls up alongside them in the parking lot. Alexis and Darius turn toward the car, gunshots ring out, and the car speeds away.


Three months later, Alexis wakes up in a hospital bed, unaware of what has happened to her. Her assistant Olivia and her husband Alejandro, business partner to Darius, stand next to her bed. They tell her about the shooting and that Darius was killed in the process, as she was left to dye.


Days after leaving the hospital, Alexis discovers a P.O. Box number, along with a key, in Darius’ desk. Upon examining the P.O. Box, Alexis finds a thumb drive. Alexis opens the drive and discovers several fake business accounts connected to Elaina Rodriguez, along with two other associated clients: Tevin Davis and Greg Miller. Alexis arranges a meeting with Elaina, where Tevin shows up unexpectedly. With a slight grin, he brings up how great of an investment Alexis’ new fashion warehouse is.


Days later, Alexis' warehouse burned to the ground. Surveillance video shows Tevin’s SUV at the scene the night of the fire. Alexis is approached by Detective Cole, who informs her of Darius’ possible involvement with organized crime. Alexis decides to go to Elaina’s house to get answers, where she finds her murdered. Meanwhile, Cole is approached by Special Agent Reese, informing him of a counter investigation being conducted by the feds of Darius, Elaina, and the cartel.


Olivia is kidnapped by Miller, who seeks to garner answers from her about what Alexis knows about him. Alexis locates Olivia’s whereabouts and frees her. The two women are met at gunpoint by Agent Reese, who demands the thumb drive. After Alexis complies, Alexis takes Reese to the Carousel, where she retrieves the drive and hands it to him. A gunshot rings out from afar killing Reese. Alexis turns to see Miller with a smoking gun in hand. She grabs the drive and runs into the House of Mirrors, pursued by Miller. After baiting him, she gets away, running outside into a throng of police officers. Miller emerges soon after, gun in hand. After refusing to drop his weapon, he is shot and killed.


Detective Cole reveals to Alexis that Tevin was an undercover federal agent investigating Romero and the cartel before he was killed by Reese, who was working for Romero. With the murderer of her husband still out there, Alexis researches the SUV, where she finds two identical vehicles with different plate numbers and decides to give the thumb drive another look. She discovers a recorded conversation Darius made.

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