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Oblivious 1


The widow of a prominent software CEO becomes the primary suspect in her son's kidnapping. As the real kidnappers’ demands escalate from extortion to armed robbery, she is forced to play along to save her son and clear her name.

Oblivious 1


Short Hills, NJ, 

Raymond Moore tries to convince his genius wife Evelyn come back to work for him at their software company. His partner James  calls to congratulate them on their new contract with the government. 

At the office Raymond meets with Yvette, whose promotion he must turn down since Evelyn is still considering his offer.

Raymond is murdered two weeks later by an unknown assailant. Evelyn bonds with her son Terrell over a fishing trip as they reminisce Raymond. After meeting with James, Evelyn decides to return to work to honor her husband.

Terrell meets up with his friend Kenny, the next day who tries to rope him into pushing pills. Kenny is killed by his drug contact and Terrell is kidnapped. Evelyn is called to the crime scene and meets with Detective Holt, who informs her about her son’s disappearance.

Evelyn receives a call from a mystery man who instructs her to meet him at an old warehouse the following night. 

She agrees, uncertain what she’s about to encounter, she goes out and buys a gun. She meets with the man, the kidnapper’s go-between, Lindsey,  a gangster, and extortionist, hired by the person responsible for the kidnapping. Lindsey’s role is to keep the person’s identity undisclosed; Evelyn brandishes her gun. After a careful back and forth he states his demands which are for Evelyn to hand over the government software she helped developed. She's given twenty-four hours to comply.

At home, Evelyn flips through a photo album and spots the mystery man – revealed as Lindsey – in the background of a party with James and Yvette. She asks Yvette if she knowns the man, but Yvette says she doesn’t. Detective Holt confronts Evelyn after learning about her meeting through legally tracking her incoming calls to her phone and threatens to have her arrested for obstructing their investigation. She lies and tells him she didn’t go through with it. Holt’s instincts tell him otherwise, leaving disturbing questions about her in his mind.

Evelyn meets with Lindsey again and gives him the data. Like most harden criminals, he reneges on the agreement,   He hands her an envelope with two sets of car keys and an address inside where she is to go the next day and to bring her gun and only then will her son be released. Elsewhere, Terrell manages to escape his captors.

Evelyn arrives at the address, a bank, Lindsey instructs her over the phone to rob it. After a few hiccups, she runs off with a bag full of cash. Lindsey, again by phone, instructs her to swap cars at the mall. She’s instructed to drive to the harbor where she is swarmed by police and arrested. A tracker is found in the bag of money.

Elsewhere, one of Terrell’s captors bruised and bloodied is bound and gagged. Tortured by Lindsey, he pleads to let him fix it; instead he is shot in the head. 

Unable to reach his mom, Terrell calls Yvette; she picks him up at a gas station. She tells James that they will be hiding out at her parents’ old house. She also calls Evelyn and leaves a message.

Evelyn convinces Holt that she’s being extorted by the kidnappers, and he lets her go. Lindsey is shot by his mysterious client – revealed to be James – for allowing Terrell to escape. Later, Lindsey’s is found dead by the police. Fearing for James’ safety Holt and Evelyn rush to James’ apartment where they find evidence of his crimes.

James meets Yvette and Terrell and reassures the boy that Evelyn is on the way. He pulls Yvette aside who panics that their plan to extort Evelyn out of her share of the company is falling to pieces. Terrell overhears their conversation and confronts them. As Yvette has a change of heart, a heated exchange ensues between Yvette and James. Yvette tells Terrell to run. James shoots and kills her as Terrell flees the house and runs for his life.

“Oblivious” stands as a riveting tale of a conspiracy and resilience; Evelyn’s journey becomes a testament to a mother’s will to protect her child against all odds, which will leave viewers admiring the tenacity and determination of this woman.

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