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Oblivious 1


Framed for his son's disappearance, a prominent software CEO must uncover which former partner is behind an extortion plot before he loses his son, his company, and his freedom.

Oblivious 1


Raymond and Evelyn, driving through the back roads, patchy clouds on a warm sunny day. Evelyn congratulates Raymond on his firm merger. Raymond, feeling he obtained the merger unethically by not including his close friend and business partner, James, in the deal. Evelyn convinces him the merger was his dream and idea alone.


A year later, Evelyn succumbs to cancer, leaving Raymond, along with their 17-year-old son Terrell behind. Family and friends of Evelyn gathered for her funeral. James stands alongside Raymond in front of Evelyn’s casket. The pastor walks up to say a prayer and Raymond and James take their seats. James notices a stranger amongst the mourners; a man wearing a trench coat and sunglasses. The man slowly walks away.


James and Raymond, despite their differences from the past, appear to grow closer, while Raymond and Terrell’s relationship becomes estranged. James forms a close bond with Terrell, while Raymond desperately tries to renew the closeness he and his son once had.


Raymond and Terrell, spending the day together. Terrell, with his fishing pole in the water, stares across the glistening lake, silent; Raymond addresses him. Terrell breaks down in tears; Raymond holds him. Raymond, missing his wife as well, assures him he will never be alone.


Sunday morning, Raymond and James enjoy a game on the T.V. Terrell asks for permission to meet his friend Kenny at the Promenade. Raymond agrees, on the condition he returns home before dark. Terrell and Kenny meet up at the promenade in a secluded parking lot. A car pulls up across from them, a man wearing a hoodie, face concealed, gets out of the car. Kenny walks over to the man and converses with him; a package is exchanged between the two. As Kenny walks away, the Hoodie Man shoots and kills him. Terrell attempts to run but is grabbed and taken by the Hoodie Man.


Raymond receives a disturbing phone call. Later, at the promenade, Raymond is addressed by Detective Holt. He informs Raymond that Kenny has been murdered, Terrell has been kidnapped by an unidentified man and that the police discovered Terrell’s phone at the crime scene. On it is a video from the kidnapper, stating he has Terrell and will communicate his demands soon.


In an attempt to find any clue about Terrell’s disappearance, through a search warrant, Terrell’s bedroom is searched by Detective Garcia and several officers to Raymond’s dismay. They are unsuccessful and depart the residence.


The next day, Raymond receives a phone call while at his office from an unknown caller. He instructs Raymond to meet him with a warning not to involve the police. Raymond paces the floor; nervous, sweat coming from his brow, contemplating. Raymond agrees to the caller’s terms.


In an abandoned house, a terrified Terrell sits in a dimly lit room, bound to a chair and blindfolded. Flanked by a bodyguard, a man enters the room, we don’t see him, we only hear his voice. Terrell questions the man about why he is there and what do they want from him; the man vaguely responds.


Raymond meets with the unknown caller at an abandoned warehouse. The man stands in the nearby shadows before stepping out, revealing himself as Lindsey Brown and coveys his demands to Raymond. As Raymond’s phone rings, he answers it, at Brown’s suggestion. It’s Terrell, pleading for his father’s help; the call abruptly drops. Brown clarifies his demands, which are for Raymond to transfer his firm’s assets to non-disclosed accounts. Raymond informs him that would be impossible to do and Brown counters with Terrell’s life being taken if Raymond doesn’t find a way to get it done.


The next day, Raymond attempts to purchase a gun. Due to gun regulations, the salesman denies Raymond’s request to obtain a handgun the same day. Raymond explains to him that there’s someone very close to him in imminent danger. Observing the desperation on Raymond’s face, the salesman takes him to the basement and sells him an unregistered gun.


Days later, after looking at old photos of Terrell, Raymond discovers a photo of Terrell, James and Yvette celebrating Terrell’s 17th birthday party. In the near background of the photo, he sees Linsey Brown seated at the bar. Raymond confronts Yvette with the photo; she denies knowing Brown and finds Raymond’s approach to be insulting. Later, in James’ office, he questions Raymond’s intentions on why he confronted Yvette and why is the photo so concerning. Raymond brushes off his question and leaves his office.


James thinks back to a hospital setting, a pregnant woman we don’t see laying in the bed, James is talking to her; he bends down and kisses her. He turns to leave, she grabs his hand and he looks at her apologizing.


Detective Garcia pulls up a recorded phone call on his computer between Raymond and an unknown man (aka Brown). Garcia communicates the information to Holt, who confronts Raymond with a warning to stand down; however, Raymond remains defiant.


Late night, Mr. Fan (Raymond’s accountant) gets into his car. He sees a man sitting in the back seat wearing a black ski mask. He places a gun to Fan’s head, expressing his demands, then tossing an envelope into the passenger’s seat; before letting him go. Fan informs Raymond of what took place. Raymond tells him that he will take care of it and not to do anything.


Next day, two detectives show up to Fan’s office. The detectives present Fan with a warrant for possible embezzlement or fraud within the firm. Fan complies and gives them the envelope containing the account information.


Raymond meets with Brown, who shows up without Terrell. Raymond, furious, as it was he who staged the accosting and demands of his accountant with the two men posing as detectives to retrieve the firm’s account information. Instead, Brown demands another task of Raymond, forcing him to rob a bank at the behest of his son’s life. Raymond initially refuses and then complies, being under pressure.


Back at the abandoned house, Terrell tells the guard he needs to go to the restroom; the guard escorts him. Terrell walks into the restroom alone, closes the door, lifts the toilet top, removes a piece of glass and tucks it into his pants. He opens the door; the guard begins to escort him back to the room. Terrell stops, quickly removes the piece of glass from his pants, turns around and jabs it into the guard’s eye.


Terrell takes off running, he finds the back door and runs out, as he’s running, he hears screeching tires. He looks back, sees a car in full pursuit, he runs faster, as the car speeds up. Terrell cuts down an alley; he sees a fence, hops over it and manages to elude his captors. Terrell finds a gas station, where he attempts to call his father and James. Unable to contact either, he calls Yvette, who comes to his aid.


Raymond, sitting in the car out front of the bank, his phone rings; he answers, Brown instructs him to look in the back seat. He retrieves a suitcase and opens it. Inside is a silicone white male mask and glasses. Brown orders him to go inside and rob the bank. Raymond refuses, Brown gives him 10 seconds to decide or else his son dies. Raymond looks up, he sees a woman and her son laughing and talking as they walk past the car; the boy resembles Terrell.


Raymond, with the mask and glasses on enters the bank, walks up to the teller and hands her a note. He tells her he has a gun; he’s not trying to hurt anyone and that this is something he must do in order to save his son’s life. She begins removing the cash, placing it into a bag. Raymond turns around, the bank guard begins approaching him, gun unholstered. Raymond grabs a nearby female patron, she screams as he puts the gun to her head. Screaming from the other patrons ensues. After disarming the guard, Raymond takes the money and leaves the bank.


After a series of switching vehicles upon Brown’s orders, Raymond takes the money to a boat slip in the harbor where he expects to meet Terrell. He is thrown another twist and is told by an unknown caller to leave the money on the dock. Raymond defies him and refuses, taking the money with him until he gets his son back.


Upon returning home, Raymond is detained and subsequently arrested by the police for bank robbery, in addition to a piece of evidence linking him to Terrell’s abduction. He is taken to the police station for continued questioning.


Yvette takes Terrell to her old house, undisclosed to anyone but James. She informs James that she has Terrell with her but is unable to reach Raymond and for him to get a message to Raymond that Terrell is okay and safe. James, in brief silence, before agreeing to relay the news to Raymond.


Detectives Holt and Garcia present Raymond with the evidence that they found in his home, along with the video footage of the robbery taken from a traffic light camera, showing Raymond ripping off the mask, which was found in a nearby trash can. Raymond questions the detectives about how they gained access to his home without his permission.


In a strange twist, the female bank teller was a mole for Brown, allowing him to steal the money without detection, using Raymond as a scapegoat. Later, Brown punishes the guard who allowed Terrell to get away. The guard, sitting in a chair with his hands tied behind his back, Brown walks up to the guard. Brown paces back and forth, he pulls out his gun and holds it to the guard’s head. Brown momentarily contemplates, before putting the gun back into his waistband. Brown turns to the other guard in the room, Guard#2 and he asks him for the piece of glass Terrell used in the attack on Guard#1, where he gouged out his eye. Brown grabs the guard by the face, turning his good eye toward him; Brown stabs him in the good eye.


Meanwhile, Holt and Garcia inform Raymond they were tipped off about the evidence found in his home by James. With the heartbreaking news of his close friends’ betrayal, Raymond remains defiant. Back at the abandoned house, Brown is tied to a chair, being interrogated by his mysterious client, for his blunder with Terrell. After being tortured, Brown is shot in the head by the mystery man.


Raymond, being pressed by the detectives, frustrated and distraught, realizes he’s running out of time to save Terrell and himself. He recalls a heated conversation between he and James, after the firm merger, where he offered James a separate agreement. James saw it as an insult, vowing he will never forget what Raymond did to him. Raymond believes he’s being framed by James.


After Brown was found dead the same morning, Raymond is able to convince Holt about James framing him. After trying to contact James by phone, fearing he has fled, Holt, Raymond and several officers go to James’ apartment. Upon arriving, Raymond notices a folder on a nearby table; he picks it up and begins to go through it, bringing it to Holt’s attention. The folder contains photos of rooms in an abandoned house. Holt believes it’s the same house where Brown’s body was found earlier.


A detective interviews the bank teller, who confesses to being in on the robbery. After pressing her, she tells him all she knows is that Brown was working with a guy named James.


James arrives at Yvette’s house alone. Curious, she questions him as to why Raymond is not with him. Instead of answering her question, he walks over to Terrell and tells him he’s going to take him to his dad. Yvette continues to press him on why Raymond didn’t come with him. After a back and forth, James reveals he killed Terrell’s captor and that it was he behind the kidnapping. He attempts to grab Terrell, Yvette steps in between. James pulls out a gun, Yvette rushes him, telling Terrell to run. Terrell runs out the back door of the house, as Yvette and James struggle for the gun. James manages to break free from Yvette and knocks her to the floor, gun shots; James shoots and kills her.


James runs outside to look for Terrell. He looks up and down the street, while calling out his name. He gets into his car and drives off. Terrell is able to contact Raymond, using a cell phone Yvette gave him earlier. He tells Raymond that James shot Yvette. Raymond instructs him to go to the old train yard and he will meet him there. Holt puts out an APB to units to go to the train yard.


James calls Terrell, who warns him to stay away. Before he hangs up, James is able to ascertain Terrell’s whereabouts, after hearing a train horn in the background. Terrell then calls Raymond, looks up, a car pulls up just across the street. James gets out of the car; they make eye contact. James begins slowly walking toward him, while Raymond and Holt listen through the phone. Terrell again warns him to stay away; James continues as Terrell begins backing up. Raymond asks Terrell what’s going on and to talk to him, call drops.


Terrell takes off running, James pursues and shoots at Terrell; he ducks. The bullet ricochets off of the train car just above Terrell’s head. Terrell continues running, James continues after him. Terrell hides in a boxcar, as James looks for him. Detective Garcia arrives at the yard, he is eventually shot by James. Holt and Raymond arrive, along with several police vehicles. Holt and Raymond get out of the car. Raymond notices a car parked across the street and identifies it as James’; they find Terrell’s phone on the ground.


Terrell, hiding in a box car, he hears James trying to lure him out. He steps out of the boxcar just a few feet away from James, gun in his hand. Raymond, Holt and officers confront James, Holt orders him to drop his weapon. James turns to Terrell and points the gun at him. Raymond jumps in between Holt and James. Raymond turns to James and admits he was wrong about everything that happened between them and pleads to him not to hurt his son.


James forces Raymond to tell the whole truth, that Terrell is actually his son, whose life he chose to not be a part of, choosing his career instead. Terrell calls him a liar and says he tried to kill him. James says he would never do that. The shots where purposely aimed over his head and that he only wanted him to stop so he could explain. James turns back, as Raymond continues to plead with him to drop the gun. James refuses, placing the gun underneath his chin. Raymond rushes James, as they struggle; Raymond attempts to wrestle the gun away from James, gunshot. Raymond and James lock eyes; Raymond falls to the ground.


James drops the gun, the police rush in and apprehend him. Holt and Terrell rush to Raymond’s aid. James looks down at Raymond, as Terrell screams at James, the police take him away. Raymond, barely conscious and bleeding, looks up at Terrell, clinching his hand tight. Holt barks out instructions to his officers; Raymond begins to fade.

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